Part 1 – Abortion in the 1st Trimester

In Georgia, abortions are available up to 20 weeks gestational age, and there are two types of abortion available. Allow us to explain the details of both – surgical abortion and medical abortion.

What happens in a first trimester surgical abortion?

A first trimester surgical abortion takes place up to 13 weeks gestational age of the baby. Suction curettage is the most common process if the patient chooses surgical abortion instead of a medical abortion. In most cases, a patient can expect the following during and after a surgical abortion:

  • It can be completed at one appointment.
  • Light bleeding occurs up to 2 weeks after the surgical abortion.
  • Cramping may occur for a few days after the surgical abortion.
  • Sedation can be administered if wanted.
  • There is a 99% success rate.

During the procedure itself, your cervix is opened so that the uterus can be reached. A thin, plastic tube is inserted through the vagina and into the uterus. The tube is attached to a suction device which removes the baby.

After the suction curettage is complete, the patient rests in a recovery room for monitoring. If all is well, she can go home after the waiting period is done.

What happens in a first trimester medical abortion?

A medical abortion consists of the patient taking two separate medicines to cause the body to empty your uterus: therefore, pushing out the baby. When the body reacts to the medicine, the patient will see large clumps of tissue or blood, as the baby exits the body. In most cases, a patient can expect the following during and after a medical abortion:

  • No surgery or anesthesia is necessary.
  • Multiple visits to your healthcare provider to ensure success is warranted.
  • Heavy bleeding and cramping will occur during and after the medical abortion.

It can take several days or a couple weeks for the medical abortion to be finished. It’s important to talk to a medical professional before taking the medication regimen to know what after-abortion symptoms are normal and what are not.

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Before a woman gets an abortion in Georgia, there are several things that must be done before that appointment. According to Georgia abortion law:

  • A patient must have state-directed counseling.
  • A minor’s parents must be notified.
  • An abortion must occur before 20 weeks gestational age.

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