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The Women’s Clinic of Atlanta specializes in low-cost pregnancy and sexual health services in a safe, non-judgmental environment. Our two women’s clinics in Johns Creek and Decatur provide lab-quality pregnancy tests, abortion screenings, STI testing and treatment, and free educational resources and support from our licensed medical professionals.

To schedule an appointment, please call the nearest Women’s Clinic of Atlanta location. It’s the fastest and easiest way to schedule an appointment. You can leave a message, we will call you back. It’s confidential!


(404) 377-6640

125 Clairemont Avenue
Suite 330
Decatur, GA 30030

Women’s Clinic of Atlanta – Decatur Hours

  • Monday: 9:30am-5:30pm
  • Tuesday: Closed
  • Wednesday: 9:30am-5:30pm
  • Thursday: 11:00am-7:00pm
  • Friday: 9:45am-4:00pm

Johns Creek


2750 Old Alabama Rd
Ste. 100
Johns Creek, GA 30022

Women’s Clinic of Atlanta – Johns Creek Hours

  • Monday: 9:30am-4:30pm
  • Tuesday: 12:00pm-8:00pm
  • Wednesday: 9:30am-4:30pm
  • Thursday: 9:30am-4:30pm
  • Friday: Closed

To schedule an appointment for abortion assistance, pregnancy testing, or sexual health services, please text APPOINTMENT to 404-777-4771

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Please note there are limited appointments available for online booking. Other appointments may be available. Feel free to text the word APPOINTMENT to 404-777-4771, or call 404-937-3334 to speak to our scheduling coordinator.

The Women’s Clinic of Atlanta offers medical services and evidence-based education about all options related to an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy, including abortion, adoption, and parenting; per the Medical Director, the Women’s Clinic of Atlanta offers abortion screening.