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Your Resource for Women’s Health and Wellness

The Women’s Clinic of Atlanta not only has licensed medical professionals, but we also have a full-time social worker and several trained advocates ready and willing to assist with:

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  • Adoption
  • Birth Control
  • Social Worker Support
  • After Abortion Support
  • Morning After Pill information
  • Parenting Education
  • Parent/Daughter Relationship Mediation

Parent/Daughter Relationship Mediation

The Women’s Clinic of Atlanta specializes in parent/daughter sexual health and relationship mediation. This service includes up to three sessions with a trained facilitator to help a teen daughter and her parent(s) process through tough situations related to sexual health choices and/or relationship choices.

Some mediation sessions are one-on-one with the daughter, and other sessions are one-on-one with the parent(s). The goal is to connect the daughter and parent(s) to discuss a healthy plan of action.

There is a low-cost fee of $25.00 per session related to this service. This service does not replace professional counseling with a licensed professional or the need for the daughter to be under the care of a physician.

Sexual Health Education and Resources

It can be challenging to have honest conversations about relationships and sexual health. The Women’s Clinic of Atlanta takes relationship and sexual health education very seriously. If you or someone you know needs to talk to a trained facilitator regarding at-risk sexual activity or sexual health concerns, feel free to schedule an appointment.

Other Resources

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