How does a pregnancy test work?

Two types of tests can confirm or deny your pregnancy: a blood test and a urine test. Both options will check for the hCG hormone which indicates a fertilized egg. Keep reading to discover how a pregnancy test works and how our team can help you if you’re experiencing an unplanned pregnancy.

Pregnancy Test Using a Urine Sample

The most common way to determine if you’re pregnant is to take a pregnancy test via a urine sample. When an egg has been fertilized, the hCG hormone is produced and released. This hormone can be detected in a urine or blood sample. Home pregnancy tests will measure the amount of hCG hormone in your urine. These tests can detect a positive pregnancy within two weeks after the egg has been fertilized.

Pregnancy Test Using a Blood Sample

If you choose to test for a possible pregnancy via a blood sample, the technician will draw blood from your arm and test for the presence of the hCG hormone. Some specialists believe that a blood sample can detect lower amounts of hCG than a urine sample, however both blood and urine can inform you of a present pregnancy. The biggest difference between the two tests is how early you can take it to confirm or deny your suspicions. The hCG hormone in blood can be detected as early as 6 days after ovulation.

How Our Team Can Help

At Women’s Clinic of Atlanta, we offer free pregnancy tests to confirm or deny your suspicions. At your appointment, you will provide a urine sample and we will test it in-house to determine the results. We will let you know what the results are and talk to you about your questions or concerns. We are passionate about providing helping those dealing with an unplanned pregnancy and providing information concerning sexual health.

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