Our Women’s Clinic Services

The Women’s Clinic of Atlanta provides confidential, safe, free, and low-cost sexual health services to women in a non-judgmental environment. Our licensed medical professionals provide compassionate care to each of our patients, guiding women through their options and each step of the process, respecting their privacy and right to choose. Services are provided for all women 49 years of age and younger.


Abortion Screening

Our abortion screening service gives you the necessary information to help you make a decision about your pregnancy. The decision that is best for you! The Women's Clinic of Atlanta provides excellent medical care and the licensed medical professionals are ready to help you process through all of the available abortion options.

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Advanced Abortion Screening

The advanced abortion screening service provides information to help you answer important medical questions before getting an abortion. This service also includes additional STI and blood testing that is highly recommended by the medical community prior to certain abortion procedures.

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Pregnancy Services

The Women’s Clinic of Atlanta offers free pregnancy testing and related services including ultrasounds for qualified patients, proof of pregnancy for Medicaid and pre-pregnancy care for anyone hoping to get pregnant.

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STI Services

Many Sexual Transmitted Infections (STIs) are treatable if diagnosed early by a medical professional. The Women’s Clinic of Atlanta offers comprehensive STI testing and treatment at an affordable cost.

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Nurse Practitioner Services

The Women’s Clinic of Atlanta has multiple experienced nurse practitioners (NP) on staff that work directly with local OB/GYN Dr. Bret Lewis. Our NPs offer several women’s health testing and treatment services including BV, UTI, and Yeast.

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Other Services

Both clinics have experienced registered nurses (RNs) and nurse practitioners (NPs) on staff that provide excellent sexual health services, plus birth control assistance, after abortion support, birth mom adoption assistance and Social Services.

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All services are confidential as allowable by state law. Laboratory fees apply. Payment is due at time of service.

Additional costs will be incurred if the STI test results are positive & treatment, confirmatory testing, or test of cure is needed. The Women’s Clinic of Atlanta only provides STI treatment for patients who receive STI testing at the Women’s Clinic of Atlanta.

The Women’s Clinic of Atlanta offers medical services and evidence-based education about all options related to an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy, including abortion, adoption, and parenting; per the Medical Director, the Women’s Clinic of Atlanta offers abortion screening and advanced abortion screening.