4 Benefits of Contraception

You may be considering using contraception to reduce the risk of getting pregnant, but there are many more benefits you may experience! Consider the following contraception benefits: 1.  Contraception balances hormonal fluctuations. Your hormones cause more than instability in your emotions. Hormones are linked to irregular or heavy bleeding, acne breakouts, and even excess hair [...]

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STD Treatment Options

Sexually transmitted diseases are more prevalent than ever. If you’ve been diagnosed with an STD, it’s important to know your treatment options. For certain STDs, there is medication available. Other STDs offer no cure; however, you can manage the symptoms. Learn more about common STDs and the treatment options. A Look Into HIV/AIDS Human immunodeficiency [...]

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“Am I Pregnant?” How to Answer This Life-Changing Question

Am I pregnant? How can I be sure? Consider the following FAQs about symptoms of pregnancy and pregnancy testing at Women’s Clinic of Atlanta.

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Abortion Health Information You Should Know

An abortion is considered a medical procedure, which is why it’s important to take into account all health information associated with this event. You may have mild post-operation side effects, or you may have more severe side effects. In either case, it’s important to know what to watch for. Consider the following health-related abortion information: [...]

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