Life Act: What Can I Do if There is a Detectable Heartbeat?

Georgia House Bill 481 is also referred to as the Georgia abortion law or the Life Act, as it does not allow for an abortion to take place once a heartbeat is detected. If you’ve had an ultrasound to confirm the baby’s heartbeat, you’re likely wondering what options you have. Allow us to highlight two options – parenting and adoption.

Option 1 – Choosing to parent the child.

Choosing to parent your baby is a huge decision that is a lifelong choice. As overwhelming as it may feel, it is also full of immeasurable experiences and memories. We’re sure you’ve heard the idiom, “it takes a village to raise a baby”. We would be happy to be part of your village from the beginning of your pregnancy and into your child’s early years.

Women’s Clinic of Atlanta offers an extended care program for patients who choose to parent.

Since day one, we have expressed our desire to help patients with their unintended pregnancies. Whether that is answering questions, helping with medical needs such as a pregnancy blood test or ultrasound, or inviting them into our extended care program, we are here for you!

If you think you’re pregnant, visit one of our two locations to confirm your pregnancy at our clinic. This can be done via a blood test or urine test (both are free)! Our team wants to hear your thoughts, concerns, fears, excitements, and goals for your parenting future. We will develop a personalized care plan for you and help you throughout your entire pregnancy. Don’t hesitate to call us today with your questions or to schedule an appointment to verify your pregnancy: 404-377-6640 (Decatur) or 404-937-3334 (Johns Creek)

Option 2 – Finding a loving family for the child through adoption.

The subject of adoption tends to have a taboo around it, but that’s unnecessary! Adoption is a wonderful option for a woman who is not ready to be a parent but wants their child to grow up in a loving home. Our team can answer your questions about adoption and connect you with professional and compassionate adoption agencies in the Atlanta area.

Text “appointment” to 404-777-4771 to discuss your options or to confirm your pregnancy at Women’s Clinic of Atlanta.

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