Abortion Pill FAQs

In one of our recent blogs – Abortion Pill: Can I have an abortion at home? – we discussed important information that you need to know before taking an abortion pill like:

  • The importance of conducting an ultrasound before taking abortion pills
  • The side effects of the abortion pills
  • How much the abortion pills cost

For your health and safety, we highly recommend confirming your pregnancy before taking the abortion pills, conducting an ultrasound, and discussing your options with a compassionate, medical professional. We can provide all three things. Text “appointment” to 404-777-4771. As you wait to hear from us, which will be ASAP because we know you need answers quickly, consider the following FAQs about the abortion pill: 

How far along in my pregnancy can I be to take abortion pills?

The new Georgia abortion law that went into effect on July 20, 2022, prohibits abortions to take place once a heartbeat is detected which is normally around 6 weeks of gestational age. An ultrasound will confirm or deny if a heartbeat has formed. The abortion pill may not be used in any case after the 10th week of pregnancy. 

Once the abortion pills take effect, what will I feel?

Most women liken the pain to moderate to severe menstrual cramps, as your uterus is contracting to detach the baby from its walls. You will bleed as the baby detaches from your uterus and expels from the vagina. Some women throw up and could experience side effects from the medication. 

Is it dangerous to receive abortion pills via the mail?

Receiving abortion pills via the mail present serious issues that can be avoided if you are seen in-person at a medical office. If you go to a medical office instead, you can verify that the pregnancy has formed inside of the uterus, conduct an ultrasound to confirm it is not an ectopic pregnancy, talk to a healthcare provider about your questions or concerns, and have a physical exam.

Can I have sex after taking the abortion pill?

After taking the abortion pill, you should wait several weeks to allow your body to heal. You can get pregnant again immediately after having an abortion. Further, we recommend speaking to a healthcare professional about birth control options such as the pill, IUD, the patch, condoms, and the like. The abortion pill is not intended to be used as primary birth control, as that can have detrimental effects on your body. 

Will I be able to get pregnant again?

Every woman’s body is different. It is likely that you will be able to get pregnant again, but it’s not a guarantee. The risks of being unable to carry a healthy pregnancy to full term increases with the number of abortions a woman has. 

Text “appointment” to 404-777-4771 to discuss your options or to confirm your pregnancy at Women’s Clinic of Atlanta. 

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