4 Things to Check for Before an Abortion in Atlanta

If you suspect a pregnancy has formed, you may feel inclined to visit an abortion clinic immediately. Before getting an abortion in Atlanta, it’s vital to check for these four things:

1. Pregnancy Verification Required

Did you know that 25% of pregnancies end in miscarriage? A miscarriage occurs when your body rejects the fertilized egg and forces it out of the uterus before it can live independently from the mother. It is unsafe to have an abortion if the fertilized egg has miscarried but has not yet exited the uterus. If there is no heartbeat, you do not need an abortion. You will need a different type of medical care.

2. Calculation of Your Pregnancy Length

The new Georgia abortion law does not allow for an abortion to take place if there is a detectable heartbeat; however, there are three exceptions to this law. Before you get an abortion in Atlanta, you must confirm the baby does not yet have a detectable heartbeat which usually occurs around week 6 of pregnancy. Our team offers free, lab-certified pregnancy tests— text “appointment” to 404-777-4771.

3. Test for Sexually Transmitted Infections

It can be unhealthy to have an abortion before receiving treatment for certain STIs. During an abortion, your STI could spread and injure organs, depending on the STI. If you have contracted an STI that is not treatable, we can help you manage your symptoms and help you understand how to live with an STI. To learn more about STIs, check out our blogs:

4. Check Your Hemoglobin Levels

If your hemoglobin levels are low, it could be a sign that there is another health issue. Before getting an abortion in Atlanta, we can conduct an affordable hemoglobin test. Your results will help you determine which type of abortion is right for you.

Text “appointment” to 404-777-4771 to discuss your options or to confirm your pregnancy at Women’s Clinic of Atlanta.

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