4 Benefits of a Healthy Sex Life

A healthy sex life can provide immense physical, mental, and emotional benefits! Discover four benefits of a healthy sex life:

1. A Healthy Sex Life Boosts Your Immune System

Research shows that having sex often can boost your immune system! Your immune system is responsible for fighting off viruses and bacteria, so continue boosting your system by eating right, drinking water, having sex, and sleeping enough.

Fact – STDs are a threat to your immune system. Keep your immune system strong by getting tested regularly for STDs. We offer affordable testing and treatment options for STDs!

2. A Healthy Sex Life Stabilizes Blood Pressure

Low and high blood pressure can negatively affect your health. Blood pressure that is around 120/80 is considered normal. The first number is your systolic blood pressure (how much blood is being pushed against your artery walls during a heartbeat), and the second number is your diastolic blood pressure (how much blood is being pushed against your artery walls in between heart beats.)

You can stabilize blood pressure by having sex often, keeping your stress levels low, exercise regularly, eat a healthy diet, and lose weight if necessary. And, speaking of the heart, having sex regularly can even lower your risk of having a heart attack!

3. A Healthy Sex Life Improves Your Sleep

Does your partner fall asleep right after sex? If so, this occurs because of a chemistry change (the release of prolactin) within his/her body when he/she reaches an orgasm. This post-orgasmic prolactin surge occurs in both males and females. Instead of reaching for a sleeping aid, see if your partner is interested in sex!

4. A Healthy Sex Life Increases Your Libido

Libido is a person’s sexual drive for intimacy. In many cases, men have a stronger libido than women. But, one thing that can increase your desire for intimacy is by having sex! The more you and your partner are intimate, the more likely you will desire intimacy.

Women’s Clinic of Atlanta is here to help you optimize your sexual health!

We want to help you have a healthy sex life where you feel confident and in control of your body. One way to increase confidence and be in control of your sex life is by tapping into resources and services. Here is what we offer:

  • Abortion screening
  • Birth Control Services
  • One-on-One Consultation
  • Pregnancy
  • STI testing & treatment
  • Women’s Health Services
  • & More

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