What to Expect at Your Abortion Screening

If you’re considering getting an abortion for your unplanned pregnancy, the Women’s Clinic of Atlanta team offers free abortion screenings. Here is what you can expect at your abortion screening:

A Lab-Certified Pregnancy Test

Sometimes, over-the-counter pregnancy tests are not accurate. It can be possible that you had a false-positive reading at home, and you’re worrying in vain! When you visit Women’s Clinic of Atlanta, you can take a free, lab-certified pregnancy test that will confirm or deny your pregnancy. You can be sure that this test is 100% accurate!

Information About Your Options

Georgia abortion law requires a woman considering an abortion to meet with a state-directed counselor to discuss her options. Our medical professional team consists of friendly, objective women who will inform you of your options – abortion, parenting, and adoption – and answer any questions you have.

Ultrasound to Measure the Fetus

For qualifying patients, our team can perform an ultrasound to measure the gestational age of the fetus and fetal size. These elements will determine which abortion you are eligible to receive. If you are more than 20 weeks along in your pregnancy, Georgia law does not allow you to abort the baby unless the mother or baby’s life is in danger.

Abortion Screenings are Available at Women’s Clinic of Atlanta

Our entire team is passionate about helping you during one of the most difficult times of your life. We understand that an unintended pregnancy can be difficult to process! Allow us to assure you – you have time and you have options.

Discover frequently asked questions about abortion screenings, then give us a call to schedule an appointment with our team:

We look forward to hearing from you, and we are honored if you choose us to help you during this uncertain journey.