The Various Aspects an Abortion Entails

An abortion is defined as the termination of a pregnancy. While an abortion is considered a physical event, it can also affect a woman’s mental and emotional state. Every woman responds differently to an abortion, but it’s not uncommon for many to feel an array of emotions afterward. Keep reading to find out more about the potential side effects of abortion:

Emotional Aspect

How well a woman copes with an abortion is directly related to her beliefs about her pregnancy. It’s important to know that there’s no wrong way to feel after your abortion procedure. Some women report experiencing emotions ranging from peacefulness to depression.

The range of side effects varies from moderate to severe. Potential emotional side effects include anxiety, regret, sadness, or depression. How long the emotions last or the amount of emotions present varies from woman to woman.

Mental Aspect

Research shows that women are mentally wired for relationships more-so than men. This prewiring affects how a woman relates to her pregnancy. For some, a mental shift may take place after the abortion concerning what she believes to be right or wrong. For others, her mentality may be affected when she sees other moms with children, experiences Mother’s Day, or sees baby clothes. A woman’s brain is constantly processing things and tends to continue processing until a resolution is made.

The Decision-Making Process

If you’re unsure whether you want to have an abortion or continue with the pregnancy, consider the following tips to help make this decision-making process easier:

  • Avoid people who are pressuring you one way or another.
  • Connect with others who have been in your situation.
  • Do research to determine your beliefs about the pregnancy.
  • Talk to a trained professional about how you’re feeling.

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