Understanding Your 3 Pregnancy Trimesters

If you’re experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and are unsure what to do, it’s important to research your choices prior to making a decision – abortion, adoption, or parenting. Our specialty and expertise is to provide the information you need about each choice in a non-manipulative environment. As always, the team at Women’s Clinic of Atlanta is here to help you understand your options. We will be an objective voice in your decision-making process.

We regularly discuss each option and today we are going to share details about carrying the baby to term. If you choose to carry the baby to term, your body and baby will change and grow.

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This is what you can expect in your three pregnancy trimesters:

First Trimester

The first pregnancy trimester is from conception to week 12. During this period, the baby is small, but many changes are taking place. The baby’s organs begin to form, a heartbeat is detected, facial features are developing, and more. Because so much happening within a woman’s pregnant body, it’s normal to feel very tired, have morning sickness, and be hormonal.

Second Trimester

The second pregnancy trimester is from week 13 to week 27. Although still a small baby, the fetus is developing rapidly – the skin and musculoskeletal system continue to form, sucking motions are a daily exercise, and an ultrasound technician can detect the gender of the baby. Most women in the second trimester typically have more energy as their body begins to adjust to the pregnancy.

Third Trimester

The third pregnancy trimester is from week 28 until birth. During the third trimester, the baby puts on a substantial amount of weight and grows in length. The baby’s bones are fully formed, kicking and stretching happens several times every day, eyes can open and close, and much more. A pregnant woman will feel more pressure on her internal organs as the baby grows. As the due date approaches, the woman’s body begins to ready itself for delivery.

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