Pregnancy Symptoms: Myth vs. Reality

Are you a few days late on your period? Have you been craving pickles and ice cream? Have you been feeling nauseous in the morning? Society has told us that these signs mean that you are pregnant. But before panicking, there are other reasons why you may be experiencing these signs. Keep reading to discover what you should do if you experience any of the following pregnancy symptoms:

Pregnancy Symptom: Missed Period

A missed period can be a pregnancy symptom, but it can also be related to many other factors. Many women miss their period when they are experiencing extreme stress, losing weight, starting on a new birth control, or having hormonal imbalances.

Pregnancy Symptom: Feelings of Sickness

If you wake up feeling sick in the morning, you might automatically think that you are experiencing morning sickness. Before panicking, reevaluate what is going on in your life at the moment. Your mental and emotional health is directly related to your physical health. If you are stressed or upset, your body will respond accordingly! Make sure to eat a healthy diet, exercise, and get plenty of sleep.

Pregnancy Symptom: Weight Gain

Have you been craving (and eating) more food than normal? While this may be a pregnancy symptom, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re pregnant. It could be due to your changing lifestyle, feeling stressed, or other factors. If you are pregnant, gaining weight is normal. Many doctors suggest that gaining 1 pound per week over the course of your 40-week pregnancy is healthy and to be expected.

Do you want answers? Women’s Clinic of Atlanta Can Help

If you are experiencing any of these pregnancy signs, it’s important to take a pregnancy test to confirm/deny your suspicion. Women’s Clinic of Atlanta offers free pregnancy tests, and one of our medical professionals would love to talk to you about your options and be a listening ear. To make an appointment, you can text us at 678-764-0857 or call us at 404-377-6640 (Decatur location) or 404-937-3334 (Alpharetta location).