I’m in High School – Now What?

Finding out you’re pregnant while you’re in high school can be a scary experience. You may not be sure who to talk to or where to go next. Before you panic, start with a few simple steps:

1. Confirm that you’re really pregnant with a medical verification. The Women’s Clinic of Atlanta provides free and confidential medical grade pregnancy testing, administered by a medical professional.

2. Recognize that you have multiple options: abortion, adoption, and parenting. Take the time to process through each of these options and consider all the resources that are available to you.

3. Share the news with someone you trust, who can help you continue to consider your options and come up with a plan for moving forward.

If you are in high school and concerned you might be pregnant, making an appointment at the Women’s Clinic of Atlanta is a great place to start. Click the “In School” link on our website to find directions to the clinic location closest to your school.

Our services are free and confidential, and walk-ins are welcome. The Women’s Clinic of Atlanta is a safe place to get the information and medical services you need to make a decision. Take the first step and call or text to make an appointment today.