How to Boost Your Pre-Conception Health

You can prepare your body for a healthy pregnancy even before you get pregnant! Your pre-conception health plays an important role in your overall health during your pregnancy. Consider the following tips to optimize your pre-conception health as you plan for your next pregnancy:

Address Your Lifestyle & Make Changes

If you have negative habits or behaviors that could cause harm to you or your baby, we recommend quitting or seeking help. Several lifestyle habits that could negatively affect your health and your baby’s health include:

  • Abusive relationship
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Drug use
  • Smoking
  • Stressful home life

Eliminating these habits or stressors in your life can greatly optimize your overall health-related quality of life and prepare you for a healthy pregnancy.

Reach & Maintain a Healthy Weight

Both overweight and underweight women can have serious complications during pregnancy. If you are obese, health conditions may arise that threaten your wellbeing such as type 2 diabetes, certain cancers, and heart disease. If you are underweight, your body may not be able to give the baby the nutrition (s)he needs to grow properly. To reach and maintain a healthy weight, implement the following tips:

  • Adjust your lifestyle, not just your diet.
  • Eat healthy meals and snacks.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Talk to your OBGYN about your health.

Women’s Clinic of Atlanta can guide you toward and through a healthy pregnancy.

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