How Far Along Am I?

If you’re concerned you may be pregnant, one of the first questions you’re probably asking is, “how far along am I?”

The answer to this question is important as you process through your options and next steps. If you are considering abortion, the development of your pregnancy will impact what kind of procedures are available to you. If you are considering continuing your pregnancy and either parenting or placing for adoption, you’ll want to know about the growth of the baby and make sure you are taking the necessary measures to continue with a healthy pregnancy.

A medical professional can estimate how far along you may be based on the first day of your last period. This estimation, however, should be confirmed by ultrasound, which can determine more definitively how far you are into your pregnancy.

An ultrasound will also confirm that the pregnancy is located in the uterus (and not ectopic), and provide the information needed to make your decision with clarity.

At Women’s Clinic of Atlanta, we provide pregnancy verification and ultrasounds free of charge (to qualifying patients.) Our trained medical staff can help you determine how far along you are, and what options are available to you.