HIV: Getting Tested

According to the CDC, Georgia is ranked as a leading state for HIV diagnoses and individuals living with stage 3 HIV (AIDS). If you are sexually active and concerned that you may have been exposed to HIV, take the next step and get tested today. HIV can be a serious and life threatening concern, but when diagnosed early, medical care and adjusted behaviors can help manage HIV and lead to better patient outcomes and quality of life.

The Women’s Clinic of Atlanta has now added HIV Initial Screening to our services for a one time cash fee of $10. Our screening is an oral test and conducted by a trained medical staff person. Our clinic will also provide you with referrals for follow-up testing and care if your test is positive.

If you are considering abortion, it is medically recommended to undergo STI testing prior to a procedure. Testing for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea are also available for an additional $10 cash charge, and test results are available within one week. Call or text our clinic today to schedule an appointment.