Advice When Facing an Unexpected Pregnancy

An unexpected pregnancy diagnosis is scary for everyone involved, including the father. It can change your entire life. But you don’t have to go through this alone. At the Women’s Center of Atlanta, we serve women facing unexpected pregnancy with a number of health services, and we also offer support for the father, if the mother chooses.

If you and your partner are experiencing an accidental pregnancy, here’s some advice on how to manage the situation:


  • Stay Calm
    • Learning about an accidental pregnancy can be difficult to process and lead to high-charged emotions. However, it’s crucial you remain calm and support your partner.
  • Listen
    • Actively listen to your partner’s concerns and questions. Seek advice and listen to trusted mentors.
  • Be Honest
    • Your perspective matters. Express yourself honestly to your partner, but make sure she knows she isn’t alone.


  • Pressure
    • Pressuring your partner to make a decision about the unexpected pregnancy will only drive your relationship apart. Instead, work as a team through each day.
  • Leave
    • Your partner is feeling similar emotions to you after the positive pregnancy test. It’s crucial you stick with her for support.
  • Neglect Your Role
    • Remember that you have an active role in the situation. Don’t hesitate to give your thoughts and express yourself to your partner.

To schedule an appointment for abortion assistance, pregnancy testing, or sexual health services, please text APPOINTMENT to 404-777-4771

What to Expect at Her Pregnancy Appointment

As the father, you are welcome to come with your partner to our Atlanta pregnancy clinics to one of our Atlanta clinics if she says it’s OK to join her for the appointment. Initially, you will to stay in the waiting room until her health screening is complete. Then, if your partner allows it, you’ll be invited to the care room as we deliver the lab-certified pregnancy test results. Our mission is to support women, but we are also here for you. We will answer your questions, provide you with information and advice, and help you process the options after an unexpected pregnancy.

All services are confidential as allowable by state law.