Considering Abortion?

There are four solid reasons you should visit the Women’s Clinic of Atlanta prior to an abortion.

Pregnancy Verification: The urine pregnancy test offered for free at our clinics detects the presence of hCG (the pregnancy hormone), which is produced by the developing pregnancy. Statistically, one in five pregnancies will end in a natural miscarriage. In this case, the level of hCG may remain detectable in your urine for a while, even if your pregnancy is not viable.

To determine how far along you are in your pregnancy: The limited ultrasound provided at our clinic will provide the evidence-based confirmation needed and tell you exactly how far along you are, which determines which type of abortion, medical or surgical, will be an option for you. An ultrasound is the best means of determining if you have a viable pregnancy, meaning the pregnancy is inside the uterus, and there is a heartbeat.

The medical professionals at the Women’s Clinic of Atlanta are trained and licensed medical professionals who will provide this service to you, free of charge, with no obligation for additional services.

Protection of your Reproductive Health: Prior to having an abortion procedure, it is important to know whether or not you have an STI (Sexually Transmitted Infection). STIs can spread during an abortion procedure. This can cause PID (Pelvic Inflammatory Disease). If left untreated, this disease may lead to infertility. The Women’s Clinic of Atlanta provides testing for two of the most common STIs, gonorrhea and chlamydia, plus initial screening for HIV.

According to the leaders in our medical community, individuals who are engaging in at-risk sexual activity should be tested for STIs every 6 months and prior to engaging in sexual activity with a new partner.

Confidentiality: We understand this is a very important time for you, and the Women’s Clinic of Atlanta will provide the confidentiality allowed by GA law that you need for your medical appointment. The initial medical consultation with the nurse will be private to ensure you feel secure and comfortable as you process through your choices.