After the Abortion

When you’ve just found out the test is positive, one thing is sure, your life has just changed. Regardless of the pregnancy decision you make (abortion, parenting, or adoption), your future will look a little different from here on out. One concern that many of our patients express during decision making is worry about how they might feel after an abortion.

This is a valid concern. Abortion can impact women in a number of ways: physically, psychologically,and emotionally.

Post Abortion Grief can leave women facing a range of feelings. A few signs of Post Abortion Grief are:
• Guilt, anxiety, or psychological numbness
• Depression (unexplained feelings of sadness; sudden uncontrollable crying episodes; poor self-esteem; sleep or appetite disruption; reduced motivation; conflicts in relationships; thoughts of suicide)
• Anniversary grief (on the anniversary date of the abortion or due date of the aborted child)
• Flashbacks of the abortion
• Preoccupation with becoming pregnant again or anxiety over fertility and childbearing issues
• Interruption of the bonding process with other children
• Survival guilt
• Eating disorders, alcohol and drug abuse, or other self-punishing or self-degrading behaviors

The Women’s Clinic of Atlanta is a safe and confidential place to work through emotions associated with abortion. If you have had an abortion that you are struggling to come to terms with, or if you have never really dealt with an abortion in your past, there is support available for you. Our trained team understands what you are experiencing and can provide you with the tools needed to move toward peace and acceptance.

If you are still making your pregnancy decision, consider how a choice to abort might impact your life in the long term. Ask yourself how you might feel afterwards. Take a deep breath and fully explore all the possible pro’s and con’s, short and long term, of each of your options.

The Women’s Clinic of Atlanta has trained Patient Advocates and a Medical team available to assist you in your decision making process at any point. If you are facing a pregnancy decision, consider calling or texting us today to make a confidential appointment at our Johns Creek or Decatur location. We recognize how important your decision is, and can empower you with the information and support needed to make the best choice for your future.