Adoption or Abortion?

At the Women’s Clinic of Atlanta, the pregnant young girls, women, and families seeking our care are seeking options. Two of the options often discussed are abortion and adoption. Often time’s people in our culture connect the thought of adoption to shame or guilt. People often refer to adoption as giving up their child.

We’ve all heard stories about the birth mom struggling through her child’s first birthday or wondering if her child is playing in the park she is walking through.

But what about the joy this child could add to a family ready and waiting to love him or her for the rest of their life? There are often families eager to give a child everything the birth mom wanted to provide, and hoped to give, but during this season, wasn’t able to.

Adoptions has changed! Back in the day when a woman experienced an unplanned pregnancy she was sent off to a maternity home and hidden for 9 months. That is no longer how adoption works. Today birth mothers and birth fathers have full control of who will raise their child. They can meet with several adoption placement agencies to determine which want will meet their needs. They can meet with the potential adoptive families to determine which family is a match for their child.

The birth mom has FULL control. Choosing to place a child for adoption is a selfless, courage choice. It’s empowering and a choice full of love.