Abortion in Duluth, Suwanee, and Surrounding Areas

When you find out you’re pregnant unexpectedly, it can be very stressful. What adds to the stress is when other people – family members, friends, boyfriends – exert pressure on you to make one choice over another. Just remember, legally this your choice. And in the state of Georgia, you can have a legal abortion up to 5 months of pregnancy, so you have plenty of time to consider all of your options. Just take a deep breath and realize that whatever you decide, you want to be able to look back on this decision knowing you did what was best for you. It can be very helpful to talk through your situation with a third-party who will support you no matter what choice you make. It can also be extremely helpful to get input from a licensed medical professional. They can tell you, for example, if the pregnancy is even viable. You wouldn’t want to pay for an abortion, if the pregnancy is just going to end in a miscarriage anyway.

The great news is, we are here to help at no charge. If you live in Duluth, GA or Suwanee, GA we are just around the corner, and we would love to care for you! The Women’s Clinic of Atlanta is a safe place for you to carefully consider all of your options and receive free medical care from trained licensed medical professionals.

Our goal is to provide safe and compassionate care in an environment that respects the dignity, needs, and privacy of our patients. We will serve you regardless of where you live. Both clinics offer medical care in a setting that supports women in taking an active role in their well-being, and their future. We focus our attention on the unique needs of each patient, recognizing that each young girl or woman comes to us with her own concerns and set of circumstances.

As a nonprofit organization, our heart is to empower women facing unplanned pregnancy with the information and resources they need to make the best possible choice. When you come to see us, you will have quality time with a licensed medical professional who cares deeply about you as a person.

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