Abortion Health Information You Should Know

An abortion is considered a medical procedure, which is why it’s important to take into account all health information associated with this event. You may have mild post-operation side effects, or you may have more severe side effects. In either case, it’s important to know what to watch for. Consider the following health-related abortion information:

Scar Tissue May Form

The body has an innate way to repair itself. After a surgical abortion, the body will work to heal any present interior wounds, if any. During the healing process, it’s not uncommon for scar tissue to form in the uterus. The present scar tissue may cause painful menstruation cycles or make it difficult to have future children.

May Pose Issues for Future Pregnancies

Some women have experienced issues during subsequent pregnancies such as vaginal bleeding, preterm birth, low birth weight, and a weakened cervix. These complications may be linked to the abortion procedure. Certain research suggests that women may have increased problems based on the number of abortions her body has undergone.

Heavy Bleeding May Occur

Bleeding is common after an abortion, but heavy bleeding (hemorrhaging) is not. It’s important to talk to your medical professional about what action to take if your body begins hemorrhaging. Medication is often a successful treatment option.

Cervix May Tear

When a woman’s body is getting ready to deliver a baby, it communicates to the cervix to start opening. The baby is ready to be delivered once the cervix is open at least 10 centimeters. However, during an abortion procedure, the cervix has not been prompted by the body to open. The doctor may have to stretch the cervix to allow the instrument to enter. This has been known to cause tearing.

A Pelvic Infection May Occur

There are certain bacteria in the vaginal area that are not supposed to enter the uterus. However, when the cervix is opened during an abortion procedure, the medical instruments may carry bacteria from the vaginal area to the uterus. After the procedure, an infection may occur.

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