4 Early Signs of Pregnancy You Shouldn’t Ignore

Signs of pregnancy can begin as early as week one of a woman’s pregnancy. By the time she misses her period, her body may have been telling her in different ways that a pregnancy has begun. Consider the following early signs of pregnancy you shouldn’t ignore, then come to Women’s Clinic of Atlanta for a free pregnancy test.

Mild Cramping & Spotting

Mild cramping and spotting are two signs of pregnancy that are common within the first four weeks of pregnancy. Many women mistake these signs as an oncoming period; however, it is caused by the embryo implanting itself into the lining of the uterus. If you are cramping or see spots of blood and it’s not time for your period, consider taking a pregnancy test.

Missing Your Period

When a woman misses her period, it is a possible sign that a pregnancy has begun. Over-the-counter pregnancy tests will measure the amount of human chorionic gonadotropin, commonly known as the hCG hormone, in your urine. If a certain level of this hormone is detected, the pregnancy test will read positive. However, there are cases of pregnancy tests that read negative when the woman was actually pregnant. This occurs because either the test was faulty or the hCG hormone was not able to be detected. This is why we recommend a patient comes to the Women’s Clinic of Atlanta for pregnancy verification.

Breast Growth or Tenderness

When a woman becomes pregnant, an increased amount of hormones are produced within the body. Because of the influx of hormones, breasts may feel tender, sore, or grow. The body will eventually adjust to the hormones and any present soreness should dissipate. Later in the pregnancy, breasts will grow, as it begins to ready itself for breastmilk production.

Food Aversions & Morning Sickness

Common signs of pregnancy include having morning sickness and experiencing food aversions, a deep distaste for a food you used to enjoy. Although the name wrongfully suggests that a woman will feel nauseas only in the morning, morning sickness can occur throughout the day.

If you are experiencing any of these pregnancy signs, come into Women’s Clinic of Atlanta for a free pregnancy test. Simply call or text us at 678-764-0857 to schedule an appointment.