4 Benefits of Taking the Birth Control Pill

In 1960, the FDA approved the very first birth control pill for contraceptive use. Six decades later, the birth control pill has improved and is one of the most common methods of birth control among American women. Discover four benefits of taking the birth control pill:

Positive Side Effects

Many people experience positive side effects when they take the birth control pill such as reduced acne, less severe menstrual cramps, predictable periods, and lighter periods.


Birth control pills come in a small package, about the size of a compact mirror. This allows you to carry it in your purse without it taking up too much room. The pill itself is rather small and can easily be swallowed with a beverage.

Prevents Pregnancy

When taken around the same time every day (and you don’t skip a day), this form of birth control is very effective to ensure a pregnancy doesn’t occur. The pill will release hormones in your body to create more mucus around your cervix to create a thicker barrier between sperm and eggs.

You Are in Control

With the birth control pill, you are in control of preventing pregnancy. You won’t have to ask your partner to wear a condom or be worried that the pull-out method won’t work. By taking the birth control pill every day, you are taking control of your sexual health.

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