STD Testing Treatment {city822johns}

/STD Testing Treatment {city822johns}

STD Testing Treatment {city822johns}

STD Testing & Treatment near {city822johns} GA

Pregnancy is not the only thing to be concerned about after having sex. STIs (sexually transmitted infections) are common. Some can be cured. Some cannot. Some have lifelong effects.

Please call to schedule your STI testing today near {city822johns}!

To schedule an appointment, call either clinic:

In Johns Creek: 678-893-5290
In Decatur: 404-377-6640

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The Women’s Clinic of Atlanta provides the following Direct Services.

All services are confidential as allowable by state law.

The Women’s Clinic of Atlanta does not provide general medical care of emergency services. If you are experiencing acute pelvic pain, abnormal bleeding, a fever, or any potential life threatening illness, please go to an emergency room immediately.

All clinics provide a non-threatening, compassionate environment for you to process through your situation

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