Other Women’s Health Services

The Women’s Clinic of Atlanta has served Georgia women for over 20 years, and we continually add to our women’s health services to meet our community’s needs.

Parent/Daughter Relationship Mediation

The Women’s Clinic of Atlanta specializes in parent/daughter sexual health and relationship mediation. This service includes up to four sessions with a trained facilitator to help a teen daughter and her parent(s) process through tough situations related to sexual health choices and/or relationship choices.

Some mediation sessions are one-on-one with the daughter, and other sessions are one-on-one with the parent(s). The goal is to connect the daughter and parent(s) to discuss a healthy plan of action.

There is a low-cost fee of $25.00 per session related to this service. This service does not replace professional counseling with a licensed professional or the need for the daughter to be under the care of a physician.

Sexual Health Education and Resources

It can be challenging to have honest conversations about relationships and sexual health. The Women’s Clinic of Atlanta takes relationship and sexual health education very seriously. If you or someone you know needs to talk to a trained facilitator regarding at-risk sexual activity or sexual health concerns, feel free to schedule an appointment.

Some other resources we offer include:

Adoption Information

This service is available for anyone wanting to place a child for adoption or anyone looking to adopt a child. We can connect you with adoption placement agencies and offer support for your decision.

After Abortion Support

After abortion support is another specialty service provided by the Women’s Clinic of Atlanta. This service is open to anyone in the community that has had an abortion and is seeking support or a listening ear.

Birth Control

The Women’s Clinic of Atlanta will soon be offering birth control services for young girls and women. During your appointment, you can ask our licensed medical professionals about your options.

Morning After Pill

Our birth control resources include information on the “morning after pill.” The morning after pill is easily accessible, but education and assistance from a medical professional can help women better understand the effects. The Women’s Clinic of Atlanta offers great education to assist anyone who is considering taking or has already taken the morning after pill.

Social Worker Support

The Women’s Clinic of Atlanta has a full-time social worker on staff who is available to meet with any young girl or woman needing additional assistance during pregnancy.

Parenting Education

After navigating a pregnancy, the next step is navigating parenthood. The Women’s Clinic of Atlanta provides a parenting education program called Bridge to qualifying patients. The goal of Bridge is to walk alongside new moms until her child turns two years old, helping the mom raise a healthy child.