Why should I schedule an Advanced Abortion Screening appointment?

You have time to make a decision! At Women’s Clinic of Atlanta, we provide advanced abortion screenings to assist you as you process through your decision.

An advanced abortion screening includes:

  • Accurate pregnancy test results that are required in Georgia before your abortion
  • Easy-to-understand information about your abortion options
  • Chlamydia and gonorrhea testing and treatment to eliminate the concern of infection prior to the abortion procedure
  • Rh Factor testing to determine if a medication is needed based on your blood type
  • Hemoglobin testing to determine if blood level risk is a concern
  • Ultrasound (if qualified), to determine viability, fetal sizing, and the gestational age

We know that an unplanned pregnancy diagnosis can be overwhelming, but know that you aren’t facing it alone. Our licensed medical professionals and trained patient advocates support your choice and are here to serve Atlanta women from all backgrounds, listening to your concerns without judging your decisions.

Advanced Abortion Consultation and Screening

The Women’s Clinic of Atlanta provides advanced abortion consultations and screenings to help you answer important medical questions before getting an abortion, including:

Do I have signs of pregnancy and proof of pregnancy?

  • If you are experiencing signs of pregnancy, you will need verified evidence from a medical professional before getting an abortion. In Georgia, women are required to receive documented proof of pregnancy from a licensed medical professional 24 hours before an abortion. Our advanced abortion screening service provides Atlanta women with accurate, lab-quality pregnancy test results to confirm your signs of pregnancy.

Is my pregnancy viable?

  • During our advanced abortion consultation, our medical team will determine if your pregnancy is likely to end with a natural miscarriage, including monitoring for a heartbeat. It is medically recommended to eliminate miscarriage as a possibility before getting an abortion.

How far along is my pregnancy?

  • In Georgia, the gestational age of your pregnancy determines what type of abortion you’re eligible to receive. Our licensed medical professional will determine the fetal and gestational age, then discuss your options. Safe and reputable abortion providers require abortion ultrasounds prior to the procedure to accurately determine the gestational age.

Do I have an STI, and will it affect my abortion procedure?

  • If you test positive for a Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI), an abortion procedure can increase your risk of complications or further infections. It’s medically recommended by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to undergo an STI screening and receive proper treatment before getting an abortion.

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What to Expect During Your Abortion Screening Appointment

When you visit Women’s Clinic of Atlanta for an advanced abortion consultation, you will be supported by caring medical staff in a non-judgmental environment. Our waiting area and care rooms are designed with your well-being in mind, because we know getting an unplanned pregnancy diagnosis is stressful and oftentimes overwhelming.

During your advanced abortion screening appointment, you can bring whoever you need to support you. After the initial intake with the licensed medical professional, you have the final say about who can go back to the care room with you because nothing is more important than keeping you comfortable, safe, and free from any pressure to make decisions. If you receive a positive pregnancy test, our licensed medical professionals will answer your questions about the abortion procedures. We can even offer support and advice on how to tell your parents, friends, or significant other about your unplanned pregnancy. You aren’t alone – our team will show you compassion and understanding every step of the way.

The Women’s Clinic of Atlanta offers medical services and evidence-based education about all options related to an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy, including abortion, adoption, and parenting; per the Medical Director, the Women’s Clinic of Atlanta offers abortion screening and advanced abortion screening.