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If you are dealing with an unexpected pregnancy, you can trust the Women’s Clinic of Atlanta to provide confidential, non-judgmental support and medical services. We want to assist you as you process through your decision, and our licensed medical professionals regularly conduct abortion screenings and advanced abortion screenings to help Atlanta women make an informed choice.

During all our screening services, we will answer important medical questions before you get an abortion including:

Do I have proof of pregnancy?
In Georgia, women are required to receive proof of pregnancy form a licensed medical professional 24 hours before the abortion procedure. Our abortion screening service provides you with a free, lab-quality pregnancy test needed for an abortion.

Is my pregnancy viable?
During our advanced abortion consultation, our medical team will determine if your pregnancy is likely to end with a natural miscarriage, including monitoring for a heartbeat. It is medically recommended to eliminate miscarriage as a possibility before getting an abortion.

How far along is my pregnancy?
In Georgia, the gestational age of your pregnancy determines what type of abortion you’re eligible to receive. Our licensed medical professionals will determine the fetal and gestational age, then discuss your options. Safe and reputable abortion providers require abortion ultrasounds prior to the procedure to accurately determine the gestational age.

Advanced abortion screenings include highly recommended services that will answer the following questions:

Do I have chlamydia or gonorrhea and if so, how will it impact my abortion procedure?

STIs such as chlamydia and gonorrhea can increase your risk of infection during an abortion. The Centers for Disease Control recommends you undergo chlamydia and gonorrhea testing and treatment before getting an abortion. Women’s Clinic of Atlanta offers this service at no cost during the advanced abortion screening appointment.

Does my blood type need to be checked prior to the abortion? 

Reputable abortion providers request Rh Factor testing prior to a surgical abortion to determine if medication is needed. Women’s Clinic of Atlanta offers this service free of charge during the Advanced Abortion Screening appointment.

Should I get my blood level checked prior to the abortion?

The medical community strongly recommends hemoglobin testing to determine blood level risk concern prior to an abortion. Women’s Clinic of Atlanta offers this service free of charge during the advanced abortion screening appointment.


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Can’t talk on the phone? Send us a text! Our number is 678-764-0857

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We understand that facing an unexpected pregnancy is scary, but you aren’t alone. For over 20 years, Women’s Clinic of Atlanta has offered safe, confidential support and medical care to women facing unplanned pregnancies. Our compassionate team of licensed medical professionals and trained patient advocates are committed to providing women in Atlanta affordable pregnancy services including:

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